Who is Shivers? Me! I thought I made that abundantly clear on the landing page!

You might know me for my contributions to hobby projects of varying mediums all over the internet, or you might recognize me from my more professional content. If you've seen a funny doom reload animation there's a good 50% chance I made it. I first started posting art online over 10 years ago when I did random sprite requests on the Gamemaker forums. I had a whole lot of fun making sprites for different games and met a lot of cool people in the community even though didn't really understand how to use Gamemaker. I still don't!

Shortly after that I started making Doom mods and they became the majority of my creative output for the better part of a decade. Doom mods is where I learned the ins and outs of spriting and game design and I met a lot of great friends I still have today.

I've always enjoyed making art in a variety of forms. Ever since I was a kid I've been downloading free software off the 'net and tried making something with it. Do you like what you see on this site? Do you want me to draw your totally awesome OC? I'll do it for money! Maybe I'll do it for free even if your OC is cool enough! You can contact me on Discord here: Sgt. Shivers#4769. I also do flash animations, 3D models, digital painting, voiceovers I guess, Give me your money.

Like most people, I enjoy entertainment! I can't be bothered giving thorough reviews of all the stuff I like so here's a list of great stuff you should check out:

• Wolfenstein 3D - You run around mazes and shoot bad guys. It's the refined, baseline first person shooter. All other shooters are simply Wolfenstein-likes.

• Rise of the Triad - Wolfenstein 3D turbo! A healthy variety of Bazookas and a great sense of humour.

• Big Trouble in Little China - My favourite action movie.

• Timesplitters 2 - You might be able to guess I like this game from my username.

• Doom - It's cool.

• Gundam 0800: War in the Pocket - Are you having a day that's just a little too good? Watch this and be miserable. It's also got big robots.

• Professional Wrestling - The finest form of modern theatre.

• Ultraman - It's got cool giant monsters.

• Kill Sector - I like it so much, I started working on it!

• Gunbuster - It's cool.

• Smash TV - I like twin-stick shooters!

• Robotron 2048 - I like twin-stick shooters!

• Total Carnage - I like twin-stick shooters!

• JRPGs - Numbers go up and there's cool monsters.

• Tabletop Games - Pretendy fun dice games!