Sgt. Shivers' Internet Outpost

Shoutout to water!

Welcome to my part of the web! I like to make games and modifications for games. On this site you'll be able to find my various Doom mods, resources I have made for Tabletop RPGs and some of my art. I hope you enjoy exploring my slice of cyber-space!

If you would like to contact me, check the about page!



A section of the site for USR has been added! Check it out if you want ideas for ways to add a little flavour to your campaigns and one-shots! Interested in picking up the base rules? Grab the base game here:

DriveThruRPG Link


There are three more fighters in the Kill Sector section!


Two more fighters have been added to the Kill Sector section!


Two new fodder enemies have been added to the Kill Sector section!


Three new fighters have been added to the Kill Sector section!


Some brand new content has been added to the RPGs section! I've been playing a ton of Kill Sector lately and I decided to share the custom enemies I've been putting together for my gauntlets.

I highly recommend trying the game with a few friends, you can find it here:

DriveThruRPG Link


I added two more pages to the Doom section, one for The Pistol Mod and one for Eternal Doomer (Not to be confused with Doom Eternal). Check them out if you want to know more about my earlier mods!


The art page is up and running! It's a bit barebones at the moment, but in the future I might add a basic description to each of the images.


Added a page for Self-Destruct to the Doom page.