Weapon Effects

If you want to make a weapon particularly special, you can give it a special effect. These can be used to make weapons better than the usual weapon, or add drawbacks to weapons that deal high damage.


Stun: Enemies damaged by this weapon miss a turn.

Chain N: On a successful attack with this weapon, attack again. This can continue to a max of N times.

Spread: This weapon targets every enemy when used. All targets must roll defence.

Charge: You can spend a turn charging this weapon to boost its damage level by one. The bonus damage level is lost after the attack is launched.


Wind Up: You must spend a turn preparing this weapon before you can make an attack.

Reload: You miss one turn after attacking with this weapon.

Fragile N: This weapon breaks after N successful hits.

Whiplash: This weapon deals 1d4 damage to the user when used.

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