Perks are something I use in place of stuff like classes. Characters get a Perk that gives them a unique Passive and Active effects that they can use. Passive effects are always on. If you specifically don't want it to take effect that's fine, just make sure you declare it. Active effects can be used by spending a narrative point.

Perk Examples


Passive: Damage dice explode. On rolling a 4, roll again.
Active: Destroy any inactive object.


Passive: If you dodge an attack you may deal level 1 damage to the enemy that missed.
Active: Use your turn early in a round.


Passive: Roll twice when attacking and use the higher result.
Active: Grant a teammate a +2 to hit on their next attack.


Passive: Instead of rolling healing to determine the amount of Hits healed, automatically use the highest result.
Active: Restore someone who's been incapacitated to 1 Hit.

The USR (Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying) System belongs to Scott Malthouse and Trollish Delver Games