Combat Moves

There's nothing stopping players from doing things other than attacking in battles, but I like to give this list of moves out to offer some tactical options.

Scan: During combat, you can do a contested Wits roll to learn something about your opponent. On a successful roll, you can learn one of their main Stat dice are, their current HP, two of their specialisms, their Perk, the stats of one of their weapons or what armour they have.

Targeted Attacks: You can make a roll to attack a specific point on an enemy (hands, legs, eyes etc) but the enemy will get a +2 bonus to avoiding your attack.

Ready: Prepare a specific action. You may take this specific action any time before your next turn

Aim: You can spend a turn aiming to get a +2 bonus on your next attack. This cancels out the defence bonus an enemy would get on a targeted attack.

Stagger: If you successfully land an attack you can choose to stagger the enemy instead of dealing damage. On the Target's next turn they must roll Action higher than 4 before they can attack.

Grapple: If you successfully land an attack you can choose to grapple the enemy. The Target may attempt to escape the grapple on their turn with a contested action roll against you. Neither the Attacker or the Target can perform any actions while in a grapple. If the Attacker is damaged by anything the Target automatically escapes.

The USR (Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying) System belongs to Scott Malthouse and Trollish Delver Games