To this day, few monsters strike fear into the hearts of gladiatiors like a dinosaur does. Real, live-caught dinosaurs are rare due to increasing time-travel enforcement, so most arenas make do with bioengineered substitutes like these.


690 HP / 5 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

3 pt ///Dino Jaws (Shark Jaws)

3 squares / 0 / lethal piercing

Can be used in a grapple.

2 pt ///Thick Tail

Wide / 0 / lethal bludgeoning

1 pt ///Fire Breath

12 square cone / -10 / very strong fire / 1 per wave

Can be used in a grapple without provoking an attack of opportunity.

1 pt ///Scales

Reduce damage from slashing by 50.

1 pt ///Thick Body

+150 HP, double weight, -10 evasion, -2 squares of movement speed.

5 pt ///Huge Body

You are huge, taking up more space and having more control of the battlefield. Triple HP, eight times weight and carrying/moving capacity. Decrease your evasion by 30. All melee attacks move up two ranks in damage, and you gain reach on all melee attacks (if they already have reach, apply reach again).

If a melee attack is natural (claws, gaping maw, et cetera), during character creation, you can choose to make it wide instead of long, removing reach but allowing it to hit up to two adjacent targets due to sheer width as opposed to length.

You take up a 3x3 square area - you are the size of an adult elephant.

1 pt ::: Unintelligent

You cannot make any knowledge-based rolls, and people cannot describe things to you either. You know everything there is to know without a

knowledge check, but nothing beyond that. You cannot have your character act on knowledge that you would know as a player or GM, but that the character would not. You can only take this weakness once.

2 pt ::: Bestial Communication

You are an animal with no concept of complex language. You can communicate with other members of your species just fine, but the communication is extremely basic - your species’ language cannot have more than twelve words in it, and no one word can exceed two syllables. When you take this weakness, you may choose to have a master - someone who has trained you. You understand a maximum of six single-word commands given to you by your master, which can be accompanied by them pointing at a given target. You are subservient and loyal to your master, and cannot go against their wishes. You cannot understand any other language but your species’ language and the commands of your master, if you have one. If you can communicate telepathically, it can only be with other members of your species and/or your master, and limited only to the language of your species.

You can only take this weakness once.