These pale creatures hail from a sinister dimension. Watch your back, you never know when one might sneak up and fry you with a well placed lightning bolt.


460 HP / 10 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

Claws: Melee / -10 / very strong slashing

Can be used in a grapple.

Lightning Bolts: 24 squares (up to three targets)* / 0 / very strong electric / must be charged

Choose up to three separate targets, each being two squares or closer to at least one of the other targets.

It takes a standard action to charge this attack, or to sustain a charge for this attack for a round.

Large Body: The Shambler takes up a 2x2 square space. It is twice the size of the average character.


Large Body /// 3 pt
Thick Body /// 1 pt
Enhanced Legs /// 1 pt
Claws /// 2 pt
Lightning Blast /// 1 pt
Charging /// 2 pt