These pale creatures hail from a sinister dimension. Watch your back, you never know when one might sneak up and fry you with a well placed lightning bolt.


460 HP / 25 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

3 pt ///Large Body

You are large, taking up more space and having more control of the battlefield. Double HP, quadruple weight and carrying/moving capacity. Decrease your evasion by 15. All melee attacks move up one rank in damage, and you gain reach on all melee attacks (if they already have reach, apply reach again). If a melee attack is natural (claws, gaping maw, et cetera), during character creation, you can choose to make it wide instead of long, removing reach but allowing it to hit up to two adjacent targets due to sheer width as opposed to length.

1 pt ///Thick Body

+150 HP, double weight, -10 evasion, -2 squares of movement speed.

1 pt ///Enhanced Legs

+2 squares of movement speed.

2 pt ///Claws

Melee / -10 / very strong slashing

Can be used in a grapple.

3 pt ///Charging Lightning Blast

24 squares (up to three targets)* / 0 / very strong electric / 1 per wave

Choose up to three separate targets, each being two squares or closer to at least one of the other targets.

X pt ///Charging

Apply to any use-per-wave or use-per-gauntlet function. If it’s a use-per-wave function, it takes a standard action to charge up, or to sustain a charge for a round. If it’s a user-per-gauntlet function, it takes an entire inter-wave rest focusing on charging the function and nothing else to charge it. You can sustain one charge at a time. Free action to dismiss this charge.
You must spend the charge and consume the usual action/s tied to the function to perform it. You do not start with a charge - you must charge up before performing the function at all.