Beware this slippery swarm of serpentoid soldiers!


40 HP / 20 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HND

1 pt ///Acid Staff

12 squares / -25 / strong acid -25 / 2 hands / 10 charges

No reloading - taking extra ammo just triples the charges. Can't pick up ammo from other staves. You can take extra ammo, but not bottomless for this.

1 pt ///Sword

Melee / -25 / average slashing -25 / 1 hand

1 pt ///Signature Attack (Sword)

+10 accuracy with one of your specific weapons or attacks. If you have multiple weapons or attacks of the same type (ex two axes), choose one instance. If you use another person's weapon of the same type, this benefit does not carry. If a weapon has multiple attack options, choose one.

0 pt ///Weapon Attachment

Apply to two weapons - one is the main weapon, the other is the attachment. For example, a sword (attachment) could be a bayonet for a carbine (main weapon). The attachment takes -10 to accuracy, but is always considered wielded whenever the main weapon is wielded.

If turning a two-handed weapon into an attachment for a one-handed weapon, it costs 1 point; in all other cases, this modifier is free.

0 pt ///Reptile Body

You do not produce a heat signature, making you untraceable by heat-seeking devices (homing weapons, thermal vision, radar, etc). Reduce damage from slashing and/or piercing damage by 40 due to your scaly body. Take double damage from cold.

0 pt ///Snakelike Lower Body

+25 on athletics checks concerning climbing, +20 evasion against trip attempts, only move one-fourth as far whenever jumping. You can only apply this once.