Sage of the Fist

It is said that hidden somewhere amongst the stars is a school run by the greatest martial artist to ever live. Students of this mysterious master convert themselves into beings of pure martial power. In exchange for this power, these students vow to never use a weapon. After all, who needs a weapon when you are one?


360 HP / 20 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HND

Deadly Punch: Reach / 0 / very strong +30 bludgeoning

This can be made a combo attack. If the first strike hits (and isn't a reaction), you may attack again at -5, then again -10 if that hits, increasing by -5 for each ongoing attempt. Missing breaks the combo.

Well Trained: +30 to athletics checks and melee damage.

Over-focussed: The Sage cannot make perception checks. This means any attempt to be stealthy always succeeds against them.

Covered in Nerves: Takes double damage from acid. Affliction 0 to die immediately when hit by acid damage.


Tough x 2 /// 2 pt
Large Body /// 3 pt
Deadly Fist Technique /// 2 pt
Strong x 2 /// 2pt
Combo Attack x 3 /// 6 pt
Committed to Gear ::: 1 pt
Unobservant ::: 1 pt
Highly Corrodible ::: 1 pt