Sage of the Fist

It is said that hidden somewhere amongst the stars is a dojo run by the greatest martial artist to ever live. Students of this mysterious master convert themselves into beings of pure martial power. In exchange for this power, these students vow to never use a weapon. That said, who needs a weapon when you are one?


260 HP / 20 EVA / 16 SPD / 7 HAND

0 pt ///Deadly Punch

Melee / 0 / very strong bludgeoning + 15 / Reach

2 pt ///Deadly Fist Technique

Your unarmed strike's damage is increased three ranks. You can only take this once.

1 pt ///Exploding Fist Technique

Whenever you kill someone with your unarmed strike, you can have them fly 6 squares in a straight line and explode, causing the following attack:

3 square radius / 0 / average piercing

Note: This pairs well with Deadly Fist Technique.

1 pt ///Hurricane of Fists

a standard action, perform up to as many unarmed strikes as you have open hands. However, each attack has a -5 penalty for each other attack within the hurricane of fists - if you're attacking twice, each takes -5; if you're attacking four times, each takes -15; if you're attacking six times, each takes -25; et cetera.

If you perform a hurricane of fists, it is the only attack you can make on your turn (you can still make attacks of opportunity). You cannot perform a hurricane of fists as an attack of opportunity.

Perfect for characters with a multitude of arms.

3 pt ///Large Body

You are large, taking up more space and having more control of the battlefield. Double HP, quadruple weight and carrying/moving capacity. Decrease your evasion by 15. All melee attacks move up one rank in damage, and you gain reach on all melee attacks (if they already have reach, apply reach again).

If a melee attack is natural (claws, gaping maw, et cetera), during character creation, you can choose to make it wide instead of long, removing reach but allowing it to hit up to two adjacent targets due to sheer width as opposed to length. You take up a 2x2 square area - you are the size of a bear.

3 pt ///Extra Arm x 3

3 extra hands.

2 pt ///Handfeet

Your feet can be used as hands. Extra hands equal to your legs. If all your limbs are holding something, you cannot walk.

1 pt ///Tough

+50 HP.

2 pt ///Strong

+15 damage on all melee attacks, carrying/moving capacity doubled, +15 to all athletics checks (grappling, climbing, et cetera).

Ignore one square of speed reduction and/or 5 points of evasion reduction caused by virtue of wielding heavy objects.

2 pt ///Athletically Trained

+30 to all athletics checks - jumping, swimming, climbing, grapples, etc.

1 pt ::: Committed to Gear

You either are incapable of using other people's gear due to a limited set of training, or refuse to use other equipment out of personal philosophy to a fault. You cannot pick up or use any weapons, items, vehicles, or other physical accoutrements outside of what you start the gauntlet with.

Other people can use their own gear on you - for example, being healed by someone else's stimpak - but you cannot use it yourself.

You must be otherwise capable of using other people's gear on some level in order to take this weakness.

You can only take this weakness once.

1 pt ::: Unobservant

You cannot make perception rolls, and people cannot point things out to you either. You can see everything your character can see without making a perception check, and nothing else. You cannot have your character act on knowledge that you would know as a player or GM, but that the character would not. You can only take this weakness once.