Mutoid Bludgeoner

Batch-grown in sets of 8, Mutoid Bludgeoner's are a dime a dozen. They're decent fighters, but not much of a threat.


40 HP / 20 EVA / 6 SPD / 10 LINE / 2 HND

1 pt ///Metal Pole

Melee / -15 / strong bludgeoning -25 / 2 hands

1 pt ///Signature Attack (Metal Pole)

+10 accuracy with one of your specific weapons or attacks. If you have multiple weapons or attacks of the same type (ex two axes), choose one instance. If you use another person's weapon of the same type, this benefit does not carry. If a weapon has multiple attack options, choose one.

2 pt ///Tackle

Your melee attacks deal +5 damage for each square you moved in a straight line towards the target immediately before attacking them.

1 pt ///Sprinter

+4 speed when moving in a straight line; cannot gain this bonus when changing direction mid-movement.