Kerosene Kraig

A dozen gallons of sentient fuel in a heavy duty tank. Watch out for Kerosene Kraig, they like their steaks carbonized.


80 HP / 35 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

3 pt ///Flamethrower

6 square cone / 0 / average fire / 2 hands / 1 tank of 8 sprays

4 pt ///Flame Curse

Standard action to focus on an enemy within line of sight. The target begins to emanate with magic flame. You cannot move or do anything else while focusing - if you take any actions, the curse immediately ends.

If the target is still within your line of sight on your next turn, you can spend a standard action to deal lethal fire damage to them (without rolling to hit) and lose your focus - otherwise, the curse simply peters out.

Seeing them through walls or through a proxy does not count - you must be able to draw a line between you and the target, unbroken by physical objects.

2 pt ///Hell Flame

12 squares / +25 / lethal fire / 1 hand / must be charged*

In order to attack with a Hell Flame, you must first end your turn by using a standard action to summon the Hell Flame and prepare it for firing, which takes up a hand. You can then attack with it on your next turn by expending the normal action/s to do so. Taking any damage, being hit by any afflictions, or using any actions other than attacking with it dismisses it. Once you attack with it, the Hell Flame is used up, meaning you must summon a new one before repeating the attack.

1 pt ///Create Gasoline

Once per wave, as a move action, coat 24 squares within perception with gasoline. You cannot summon gasoline on an occupied square without the occupant's consent.

Gasoline is highly flammable - if ignited by fire, electric, and/or beam damage, an entire puddle catches on fire until the end of the wave. Entering a square of flaming gasoline, having the gasoline ignite while standing on it, or standing in it for an entire round deals average fire damage.

Burning gasoline burns away completely at the end of the wave.

2 pt ///Damage Immunity (Fire)

0 pt ///Full-Body Cyborg

Someone once organic, whose entire body has been replaced with cybernetics, leaving only the brain remaining. Immune to poison damage and biological effects (bleeding, disease, fatigue, biochemicals, breathing, etc). However, you cannot be healed by medical means - you must instead be repaired. You also take double damage from electric. You can also be hacked and/or EMP'd. If you're hacked, they cannot control your brain - only your body. If you're EMP'd, your brain still works.

2 pt ::: Pressurized

Either yourself or something permanently attached to yourself (like a breathing apparatus) is constantly under massive pressure, and is prone to combustion. If you are critted against, you explode violently, killing you and dealing the following attack centered on you:

3 square radius / 0 / very strong fire

You can only take this weakness once.