Iceborgs are spiteful jerks armed with a trident, ice blasts and continuous hit and run tactics. Frag these bots, you'll be doing the arena a favor.


130 HP / 35 EVA / 8 SPD / 2 HAND

2 pt ///Ice Trident

Reach / 0 / average cold / 2 hands

You can throw the trident up to 24 squares as a ranged attack without taking a penalty to hit.

1 pt ///Ice Blast

24 squares / +10 / very strong cold / 1 per wave

If it hits, the target takes affliction 50 to be unable to move from their current square until the end of their next turn.

3 pt ///Mover

You can perform one additional move action per turn. If used to move across the battlefield, you must also spend a swift action on this additional move action.

2 pt ///Damage Immunity (Cold)

1 pt ///Tough

+50 HP

1 pt ///Enhanced Legs

+2 squares of movement speed.

0 pt ///Machine

You're a robot or other machine. Immune to poison damage, biological effects (bleeding, disease, fatigue, biochemicals, breathing, etc), mental effects like psychic-based mind control, and emotional effects. However, you cannot be healed by medical means - you must instead be repaired. You also take double damage from electric. You can also be hacked and/or EMP'd; because your brain is electronic, this means if someone hacks you, you are literally mind-controlled, and if someone uses an EMP on you, you are completely shut down for the duration.