Hivolt Hoplite

Thrill-seeking vloggers from a planet surging with electricity. Highly competitive and up to date with whatever's trendy, they're usually seen in packs.


80 HP / 35 EVA / 8 SPD / 1 HND

Electric Punch: Melee / 0 / average+30 electric / 1 hand

Electric Body: The hivolt hoplite is immune to electric damage. Additionally, being touched, grappled, or dealt damage by a melee attack deals 30 electric damage to the source.

Touching, grappling, or dealing damage with a melee attack deals 30 electric damage to the target. You can choose to not shock someone (ex if they're applying first aid).

Hydrophobic: Touching water is lethal to the hivolt hoplite. If sprayed with a squirt gun, take average damage. If sprayed with a power hose, take very strong. If you enter a body of water, take average damage each round. Humid air deals miniscule damage each round, a steamy environment deals very weak. Other means of taking damage via contact with water are at GM discretion.


Hammer /// 1 pt
Alternate Damage Type /// 0 pt
Arm Weapon /// 0 pt
Static Field /// 3 pt
Damage Type Immunity (Electric) /// 2 pt
Enhanced Legs / Enhanced Speed /// 1 pt
Hydrophobic ::: 1 pt