Goblin Operator

The Goblin Operator is a verdant green

With uniform blue and with gun machine

One must watch out for his crafty tricks

Or they might just find themselves deep-six'd.


60 HP / 70 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

2 pt ///Goblin Sized PDW (Signature Uzi)

12 squares / 0 / average piercing / 1 hand / 1 mag of 18 rounds

Can be shot up to three times by taking an additional -15 on each shot. Announce if you're shooting multiple times before rolling.

2 pt ///Mines

Pick two grenades from the grenades entry to turn into stationary mines. They can be placed down as a standard action. Upon purchase, choose if they're detonated by anyone but whoever sets it coming within proximity, by a timer you set upon placement, or by a remote detonator which takes a swift action and one hand to activate (each mine gets its own detonator). The mines have no special sensory capabilities unless you purchase them for the sake of your mines (ex purchasing darkvision for your mines instead of yourself).

You cannot take extra ammo for this - you must repurchase for each pair of mines.

Frag Mine: 3 square radius / 0 / strong piercing

Frag Mine: 3 square radius / 0 / strong piercing

Smoke Mine: the area within a 5 square radius becomes filled with a thick smoke that cannot be seen through, which lasts until the end of your next turn

Glass Mine: 3 square radius / affliction 25 / for 1 round, the target takes double damage from bludgeoning and ignores beam If they're a player character or boss they also are stuck in place for the round as their lower body is encased in glass; if it’s a non-boss NPC they instead are totally encased in glass and miss their next turn

1 pt ///Signature Attack

+10 accuracy with one of your specific weapons or attacks. If you have multiple weapons or attacks of the same type (ex two axes), choose one instance. If you use another person's weapon of the same type, this benefit does not carry. If a weapon has multiple attack options, choose one.

1 pt ///Small Body

You are small, allowing you to fit into smaller spaces. Your HP is reduced by 25% (if you had 160 HP, you now have 120 HP). Your weight and carrying/moving capacity are divided by four. Increase your evasion by 15. You take up half the space of a medium-sized creature - you're about the size of a pony.

4 pt ///Evasive x 4

Increase your evasion by 20.