These guys are right at home in the arena. The most diehard ones show up on a nightly basis.


80 HP / 35 EVA (50 RANGED) / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

1 pt ///Pistol

12 squares / 0 / average piercing / 1 hand / 1 mag of 12 rounds

1 pt ///Sprinter

+4 speed when moving in a straight line; cannot gain this bonus when changing direction mid-movement.

2 pt ///Dodge

+15 evasion against ranged attacks.

1 pt ///Double-Barreled Shotgun

6 square cone / 0 / strong piercing (only deals half to targets beyond half the range) / 1 hand / 8 shells total, can hold 2 at a time

Targets four or more squares away take only half damage even if hit; targets four or more squares away take one-quarter damage if missed. You can fire both loaded shells at once - if you do, roll separately for each attack. This uses up double the ammo.
Reloading each individual shell takes a swift action; meaning it takes two swift actions to completely reload it.


3 pt ///Chaingun (Lightweight Machinegun)

12 squares / 0 / average piercing / 2 hands / 1 belt of 25 rounds

Can shoot up to five times by taking -25 on each attack. Announce if shooting multiple times before rolling. Any weapon or gear that reduces speed and/or evasion can be made lightweight for 1 point.