Corridor Shooter

These guys have a fondness for trapping opponents in brick prisons. Don't get caught in the open, you'll be boxed in and staring down the barrel of a shotgun in no time flat.


80 HP / 35 EVA / 8 SPD / 2 HND

Electro-Shotgun: 6 square cone / 0 / strong piercing or electric (only deals half to targets beyond half the range) / 2 hands / 1 mag of 10 shells

Targets four or more squares away take only half damage even if hit; targets four or more squares away take one-quarter damage if missed.

Damage type can be swapped between piercing or electric. It takes a swift action to switch between the two.

Wall Of Brick: Once per wave, as a standard action, produce a structure made of up to 24 squares of brick and mortar. Each square has 150 HP.

Mark of Damage: As a swift action, imbue yourself or an ally you touch with a Mark of Damage. Next time they attack, the mark dissipates, and if they hit, the damage is bumped up one rank. No attack can have its damage rank bumped past very strong damage via Mark of Damage. Characters can only have one Mark of Damage on them at one time, but you can apply Marks of Damage to multiple people at once.


Assault Shotgun /// 1 pt
Swappable Damage Type /// 1 pt
Wall Of Brick /// 1 pt
Mark of Damage /// 1 pt
Enhanced Legs / Enhanced Speed /// 1 pt