Blink Sniper

Dog-faced snipers infamous for being difficult to track down.


80 HP / 45 EVA / 11 SPD / 2 HAND

1 pt ///Bowie Knife (Dagger)

Melee / 0 / weak piercing / 1 hand

Can be used in a grapple. Can be thrown six squares.

1 pt ///Micro-Sniper (Scoped Carbine)

24 squares / 0 (+15 on targets 12 squares and further) / average piercing / 2 hands / 2 mags of 7 rounds

1 pt ///Scoped

Apply to any ranged weapon. It has +15 to hit, but only on attacks performed on targets more than half its maximum range away from you. For example, a scoped sniper rifle (48 square range) only gains +15 to hit on targets that are 25 squares or further away. Additionally, the user gains +10 on perception checks, but only on things between the halfway mark and full range of the weapon.

1 pt ///Long Teleport

Once per wave, as a move action, place yourself anywhere within 48 squares.

1 pt ///Short Teleport

Three times per wave, as a move action, place yourself anywhere within 12 squares.

1 pt ///Invisibility

Once per wave, as a free action, become invisible until the beginning of your next turn. If you were invisible last round, and have another use of this power, you can use it to continue being invisible without any interruption.

There are no limitations to what you can do while invisible. With the exception of vehicles, everything on your person also becomes invisible. Treat any attack performed while invisible as a sneak attack unless your target is aware of you through means other than sight. At GM discretion, you may still have +10 to hit targets that are aware of you through means other than sight, if their means are somewhat imprecise.

4 pt ///Hyperactive Body

+10 evasion, +5 squares of movement speed.