Don't be fooled by this machine's disguise, it is not a bird.


30 HP / 35 EVA / 6 FLY / 2 HND

1 pt ///Mini Beams

12 squares / 0 / average beam / 6 shots per gauntlet

1 pt ///Small Claws

Melee / 0 / weak slashing

Can be used in a grapple.

3 pt ///Flight

Fly at the same rate as your movement speed.

1 pt ///Small Body

You are small, allowing you to fit into smaller spaces. Your HP is reduced by 25% (if you had 160 HP, you now have 120 HP). Your weight and carrying/moving capacity are divided by four.

Increase your evasion by 15. You take up half the space of a medium-sized creature - you’re about the size of a pony.

1 pt ::: Outdated Software

Attempts to hack and/or EMP you automatically succeed.