Bigger Choppy

The farmers of Zeflon Theta 3 have begun to dabble in the Solanum family of plants. These tomato-y murder fruit have proven deadlier than their tuber brothers, though they do need mechanical components to operate.


160 HP / 20 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

Quadruple-Barreled Shotgun (Two Double-Barreled Shotguns, one attached to the other and dual wielded) /// 2 pt

6 square cone / 0 / strong piercing (only deals half to targets beyond half the range) / 2 hands / 8 shells total, can hold 2 at a time

Targets four or more squares away take only half damage even if hit; targets four or more squares away take one-quarter damage if missed.

You can fire two loaded shells at once - when you do so you increase the damage by one rank, and targets 4 or more squares away no longer take half damage due to range. This uses up double the ammo. If you want to fire four barrels in one turn, the second double barrel shot takes a -10 to accuracy and uses all the ammo.

Reloading each individual shell takes a swift action; meaning it takes four swift actions to completely reload it.

0 pt ///Weapon Attachment

Apply to two weapons - one is the main weapon, the other is the attachment. For example, a sword (attachment) could be a bayonet for a carbine (main weapon). The attachment takes -10 to accuracy, but is always considered wielded whenever the main weapon is wielded.

If turning a two-handed weapon into an attachment for a one-handed weapon, it costs 1 point; in all other cases, this modifier is free.

1 pt ///Dual Wield

You can use two attacks and/or afflictions in a single standard action without penalty. The same weapon cannot be used twice in a single standard action, but two weapons of the same type can (ex two swords). (Without this ability, you can only use both weapons at -20 accuracy).

2 pt ///Oversized Chainsaw

Melee / 20 / lethal slashing / 1 hand

1 pt ///Oversized

Apply to any weapon. Increase the damage by two ranks if the damage rank before applying this modifier is strong or less - otherwise, only increase it by one rank. Can only be wielded by large or huge sized characters. You can only apply this once per weapon.

1 pt ///Sprinter

+4 speed when moving in a straight line; cannot gain this bonus when changing direction mid-movement.

3 pt ///Large Body

You are large, taking up more space and having more control of the battlefield. Double HP, quadruple weight and carrying/moving capacity. Decrease your evasion by 15. All melee attacks move up one rank in damage, and you gain reach on all melee attacks (if they already have reach, apply reach again).

2 pt ///Combo Attack

As a standard action, perform a combo attack. Perform a melee attack as normal. If the attack hits, you can perform another melee attack weapon against the same target at -10. If that second attack also hits, you can perform another melee attack against the same target at -20. If that third attack hits, you can perform another attack against the same target at -30, et cetera et cetera. For the second attack and beyond, you can choose to instead use a ranged attack - it does not provoke an attack of opportunity, but it does end the combo.

If you make a combo attack, it is the only attack you can make on your turn (you can still make attacks of opportunity). You cannot use a combo attack as an attack of opportunity.

You can purchase this function an additional time to make the penalty steps decrease to steps of -10, or purchase this function three times to make the penalty steps decrease to steps of -5.

2 pt ///Signature Attack x 2 (Oversized Chainsaw)

+20 accuracy with one of your specific weapons or attacks. If you have multiple weapons or attacks of the same type (ex two axes), choose one instance. If you use another person's weapon of the same type, this benefit does not carry. If a weapon has multiple attack options, choose one.

1 pt ::: Soft

Bludgeoning damage deals double damage to you. Furthermore, after being hit by bludgeoning damage and calculating damage, roll an affliction 0 for it to immediately kill you. If you have a function that makes you immune to the given damage type, this weakness and that function cancel out, and you take normal damage from the damage type in question.

1 pt ::: Uncoordinated

You cannot perform coordination checks. Anything requiring more coordination than driving at cruising speed, aiming a firearm, or swinging a sword is utterly beyond you. You can only take this weakness once.

1 pt ::: Bad Knees

-25 evasion against trip attempts. It takes a standard action for you to get up from being knocked prone. You can only take this weakness once.

1 pt ::: Technometric Organism

(You must not already be capable of being hacked and/or EMP’d to be able to take this weakness.)

Your body can be hacked and/or EMP’d.

You can only take this weakness once.