Big Choppy

These oversized tubers are the pride of a farmer from Zeflon Theta 3. Grown using a secret family technique, these sentient root vegetables greatly enjoy chopping up opponents with their giant cleavers.


160 HP / 20 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

Oversized Big Cleaver: Reach / 0 / very strong+40 slashing / 2 hands

Cleave: If your melee attack kills its target, you can hit another target within reach of that attack with the same attack and damage rolls. If that enemy also is killed, repeat the process.

Combo Attack: As a standard action, perform a melee attack. You attack as normal. If the attack hits, you can perform another melee attack weapon against the same target. The combo attack continues to chain as long as you hit, each successive melee attack adds an extra -10 to the accuracy penalty. The first attack gets a -10, the second a -20, etc.

If you make a combo attack, it is the only attack you can make on your turn (you can still make attacks of opportunity). You cannot use a combo attack as an attack of opportunity.

Sprinter: +4 speed when moving in a straight line; cannot gain this bonus when changing direction mid-movement.

Large Body: Big Choppy takes up a 2x2 square space. It is twice the size of the average character.


Big Sword /// 1 pt
Oversized /// 1 pt
Sprinter /// 1 pt
Large Body /// 3 pt
Cleave /// 1 pt
Combo Attack x 2 /// 4 pt
Uncoordinated ::: 1 pt