Arena Employee

With access to an exclusive reconstruction chamber and other great employee benefits, the Arena Employees have little hesitation going mano a mano with the toughest gladiators out there. The collection of special ingredients running through their bloodstream helps a little too.


130 HP / 35 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

1 pt ///Axe

Melee / -10 / strong slashing / 1 hand

1 pt ///Shrapnel Cannon (Blaster)

12 squares / 0 / strong slashing / 2 hands / 1 magazine of 10 shots

1 pt ///Tough

+50 HP.

0 pt /// Soulless

You are supernaturally stoic, as you have no spirit to break. You cannot be affected by emotional effects (like Anxiety Ray) or effects that target souls (like Soul Eater). However, you completely lack a soul, meaning you cannot be brought back to life by any means once slain.