Ammo Sorceror

A master of the mystical arts of munitions. They are just as likely to be hired by arena staff to provide weapons as they are to actually fight in the arena.


80 HP / 35 EVA / 6 SPD / 2 HAND

Kevlar Suit /// 1 pt

Immune to ranged piercing attacks. Melee piercing attacks, as well as ranged attacks of any other damage type, still deal their full effect.

Bullet Storm /// 3 pt

Once per gauntlet, as a standard action, you can summon a storm of bullets. The stormcloud is a 99-by-99 square disc, centered on you, summoned 48 squares directly above you. It dissipates at the end of the wave it was summoned.

At the end of every factions' turns (not just on the end of your own turns), everything under and exposed to the cloud takes 20 piercing damage as bullets rain from the sky. If the storm is summoned in a military complex, weapon factory, or other venue that stores massive amounts of firearms, it deals 30 damage instead.

For the rest of the gauntlet, even after the cloud has dissipated, the area that was under and exposed to the stormcloud is covered in a light covering of unused ammunition. Any ranged weapon that deals piercing, slashing, and/or bludgeoning damage and is not ineligible for Extra Ammo can be reloaded by taking a move action to scoop up the bullets on the ground; this provokes an attack of opportunity.

You can apply weapon modifiers to weather functions at triple cost and GM discretion. If modifying damage, treat increasing or decreasing damage ranks as adding or subtracting 5 damage from the bulletfall effect.

Aura of Armament (Bottomless Cannon) /// 6 pt

When purchasing this function, choose a weapon - you do not need to purchase it. The cost of this function equals the cost of that weapon plus 2. Allies within 6 squares of yourself, including yourself, can psychically summon that weapon into their hands as a free action. The weapon disappears if they let go of it or if they leave the range of the aura.

If the weapon uses up ammunition, the ammunition is split in a pool among everyone - for example, an aura of revolvers grants everyone revolvers, but only six shots can be used across all wielders.

Bottomless Cannon /// 2 pt

24 squares / 0 / very strong piercing / 2 hands / Infinite mags of 6 shots

Bottomless /// 3 pt

Apply to any weapon that has limited ammo, that isn't explicitly excluded from taking extra ammo or bottomless. The weapon has infinite mags/batteries/etc of the appropriate size. It still needs to be reloaded as normal, but there is no end to the mags/batteries/etc.

Drums of War(Two Handed Instrument) /// 1 pt

You have a musical instrument of your choice that takes up two hands (guitar, saxophone, marching drum, et cetera). As a standard action, you can play it, granting every ally within 6 squares +5 on all rolls until the start of your next turn. If you have multiple instruments, you can play them all in a single standard action.

Music is an emotional effect - robots and soulless characters cannot benefit from it. Purchasing this function grants you musical talent in that instrument - if someone were to pick it up and use it that wasn't trained in that instrument, it would have no effect.

Small Horn/Horns /// 1

Melee / -15 / average piercing

Cannot Crit ::: 1 pt

You are either so methodical, risk-averse, or simply ignorant that you cannot fathom improvising outside of the norm to get ahead. You cannot roll critical successes or astral successes - there are no special rules for rolling a 96 or above for you. You can still get critical and astral failures, however. If your character virtually never rolls dice (for example, someone that only uses Magic Missile), they cannot take this weakness. You can only take this weakness once.

Lousy Shot ::: 1 pt

-5 on all rolls to hit. Under no circumstances can the accuracy of any attack you perform be modified above 0. Each additional purchase adds an additional -10 to hit penalty. You cannot take this more than three times total. You cannot take this weakness if you do not have any attacks where you'd need to roll to hit besides an unmodified unarmed strike.