Audience Participation Machine

Ever wanted to see what it's like on the inside of the arena? Did a gladiator kill one of your favourites last week? Is the home game not visceral enough for you? Why not buy a ticket to vote on the Audience Participation Machine! Join with your fellow spectators to pick one of three exciting weapons to eliminate gladiators with! It's a blast!


540 HP / 30 EP / 5 EVA / 6 SPD / 0 HAND

2 pt ///Mortar

24 squares in an arc* / 0 / very strong piercing / 6 single-fire shells / worn on shoulders

Fires in an arc instead of a straight line. To shoot in an arc, the shell follows these three steps:

1. Fly up at least 6 squares

2. Move horizontally at least 3 squares

3. Fall down any amount of squares

Hits the first thing it contacts during this trajectory, assuming the shell has not moved more than 24 squares at that point.

0 pt ///Arm Weapon

1 pt ///Rocket Launcher

24 squares / 0 / lethal piercing + area attack / 2 hands / 2 single-fire rockets

Area attack: 3 square radius where it lands / 0 / half the damage rolled for the initial attack

If the rocket misses its first attack, it follows the trajectory until it hits a hard surface, at which point it explodes. If during this trajectory it passes by another character, it might hit them instead; roll to hit at minus 10, or minus 20 if it’s the second character for it to pass by, et cetera. Standard action to reload, and can’t take Extra Ammo - extra rockets cost 1 point per pair.

0 pt ///Arm Weapon

3 pt ///Lightweight Machinegun

12 squares / 0 / average piercing / 2 hands / 1 belt of 25 rounds

Can shoot up to five times by taking -25 on each attack. Announce if shooting multiple times before rolling.

3 pt ///Jetpack

You can fly at your movement speed plus 2 squares. -10 evasion while flying.

2 pt ///Good Armor

You have 20 External Protection. Reduce damage taken from any external source by this amount; it does not work against damage dealt from within your body itself, such as everbleed. External Protection does not stack - you cannot gain the benefits of External Protection from multiple functions or other effects at the same time.

2 pt ///Tough x 2

+50 HP.

2 pt ///Extra Plating x 2

Apply to any function that grants you External Protection. Increase the External Protection of that function by 5.

5 pt ///Huge Body

You are huge, taking up more space and having more control of the battlefield. Triple HP, eight times weight and carrying/moving capacity. Decrease your evasion by 30. All melee attacks move up two ranks in damage, and you gain reach on all melee attacks (if they already have reach, apply reach again).

If a melee attack is natural (claws, gaping maw, et cetera), during character creation, you can choose to make it wide instead of long, removing reach but allowing it to hit up to two adjacent targets due to sheer width as opposed to length. You take up a 3x3 square area - you are the size of an adult elephant.

0 pt ///Machine

You're a robot or other machine. Immune to poison damage, biological effects (bleeding, disease, fatigue, biochemicals, breathing, etc), mental effects like psychic-based mind control, and emotional effects. However, you cannot be healed by medical means - you must instead be repaired. You also take double damage from electric. You can also be hacked and/or EMP'd; because your brain is electronic, this means if someone hacks you, you are literally mind-controlled, and if someone uses an EMP on you, you are completely shut down for the duration.