Twilight Zoner

The Twilight Zoner faces down a revenant.

Twilight Zoner is a mod based on the Twilight Zone series of megawads by Paul Corfiatis.

With this mod I wanted to take a shot at making something as fast as possible. Overall it took about a week to complete the sprites and DECORATE programming. Skelegant was a big help with the BFG replacement, it looks excellent thanks to her help!

The weapons are mostly simple, The Pistol is standard and the Shotguns fire less projectiles that do more damage. The Sub-Chaingun mixes things up a little, the first few shots fire in a burst before it returns to a more steady fire rate. The Neelde Launcher has a smaller hitbox, making it easier to fire it over ledges and between gaps. The Needle-saw is borrowed almost directly from the original dehacked patch. Both it and the Phaser are designed for stunlocking single targets, something you'll need to do to handle the speedy chaingun wielding mini-cyberdemons that show up in the mapset. The Ethereal Cannon is desiged to be useful when firing at the large hordes that show up now and then, the rapid spray of BFG tracers should be good for thinning out hordes.